Bad SEO Doesn’t Only Cost Money

So you think that you might need some help with website optimisation. Let’s face it, poor search engine results pages (SERP) ranking isn’t bringing any results. Enough is enough! But don’t hire an SEO expert just yet. Poor selection can cost you more than just money.

There is A Lot to Lose!

Just because your website has an unsatisfactory ranking and doesn’t receive much visitors, that doesn’t necessarily mean you have nothing to lose by hiring an SEO specialist to do “their magic”. The truth is, there is a lot to lose. So don’t think that it can’t get any worse.

We understand that it’s frustrating when your website isn’t getting anywhere in SERP after all the money and time invested. But it’s at least there somewhere with a potential to make a significant jump any day now. That potential is gone if you “earn” a Google penalty and you can be sure that you will if you make a bad choice when selecting an SEO specialist. The world’s #1 search engine is very “sensitive” about unethical SEO and has developed very effective mechanisms to detect it. What happens next is every website owner’s greatest nightmare – a serious demotion or even complete removal from SERP.

In addition to worsening your SERP ranking or even earning you a complete removal from the indexes, bad SEO also casts you in a bad light. Even if it’s not your fault (no one will admit using unethical SEO strategies), it is you who lose a good reputation because it makes you appear unethical. And once your reputation is gone, it is very difficult to regain it in both the “eyes” of search engines and consumers.

If you want to do business online, it is of utmost importance for the web users to trust you. Obviously, you can’t count on anyone to trust you once you’re exposed for the use of unethical SEO strategies. And you can count that sooner or later, you’ll get caught. And again, it doesn’t matter if you knew about it or not, it is you who bear the consequences.

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