Small Secrets of Big Players

Some businesses have really made it big, ranking fantastically for all the most important keywords. And their SERP rankings have survived all the algorithm changes that literally erased many formerly successful sites. How did they do it? What is their secret? We will probably never know what strategies and tactics they used to succeed but from our experience, they must have:

Even though they are big players today, they didn’t succeed immediately. In fact, most of them needed years to climb the SERP ladder and establish themselves in the online market. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t expect results for years but it means that you can’t expect to beat your competition overnight, especially for premium keywords. So be patient and give Google and other major search engines some time to recognise the value of your site.

In every business, you need the right people in the right places if you want to succeed. And the best proof are all those websites that are holding their positions in SERP for years. They didn’t disappear from SERP when Google and other major search engines figured out how to detect manipulative and deceiving SEO techniques. Well, some did but recovered very quickly. This is because they made sure that optimisation was carried out by the right specialists and didn’t fall for promises of self-proclaimed “SEO gurus” claiming to know all Google’s secrets.

While trying to impress the search engines, many website owners have forgotten what is the key to online success – impressing the users. Big players, on the other hand, remained focused on the users not only to retain the existing customers/clients and win new ones but also to do SEO for them. Yes, that’s right. To impress the search engines, it is crucial to impress the web users because the more the popular your website the more backlinks it gets. And the more (natural!) backlinks it has, the higher its value in the eyes of search engines and subsequently, the higher it is ranked in SERP.

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