Organic SEO Explained

What is Organic SEO

Organic SEO refers to a strategy which seeks to improve a website’s ranking in search engine results pages (SERP) naturally. While the term “organic” is a relatively new invention, the idea is quite old. It above all seeks to make a website more likeable to search engines while strictly avoiding the use of manipulative strategies. But organic SEO also seeks to make a website more likeable to the visitors as they have been shown to play an important role in website’s SERP ranking.

What is the Difference between Organic and “Artificial” SEO

Organic and “artificial” SEO basically use the same strategies and tools to improve a website’s SERP ranking. But there is a major difference in the way they use them. For example, both types of SEO work on winning as many backlinks to a website as possible. Why? Because the search engine algorithms equate a large number of backlinks with popularity of the website among web users and subsequently, rank it higher on their results pages. But the two types of SEO differ greatly in the way they increase the number of backlinks.

While “artificial” SEO focuses exclusively on quantity, organic SEO is primarily seeking to increase the number of backlinks from quality websites with relevant content. And the focus on quality rather than quantity has recently been shown as a much better strategy. All websites that were artificially ranked high dropped dramatically in SERP, while some have even been removed completely as a result of new algorithms that recognise manipulative link building techniques.

Both organic and “artificial” SEO also put a major emphasis on content, following the old saying in the SEO industry that “content is king”. This, however, is only partly true. Content that offers little value to the visitors and is stuffed with keywords doesn’t impress the visitors nor search engines. Just like in the case of backlinks, “artificial” SEO focuses on quantity, while largely ignoring the quality of content. Organic SEO, on the other hand, pays a lot of attention to offering quality and informative content to the visitors. Not only does quality content get more points at search engines but it also helps increase the number of backlinks. If the visitors found valuable information at a website, they are more likely to leave a backlink to it on other websites with relevant content and subsequently, improve its ranking in SERP.

Why Choose Organic SEO

Search engines change their algorithms on a regular basis and sooner or later, they “figure” out if they have been manipulated to rank a website higher in search results pages. When they do, the website is demoted or even removed from SERP. Organic SEO has been proved to be immune to demotions and removals from SERP due to strict avoidance of controversial techniques. As a result, it provides lasting results without any risk of penalties by search engines whatsoever.